Ultrasound is a therapy that can be used to relieve both muscle and joint pain. Sound waves penetrate the tissue stimulating the body's natural healing process.

Ultrasound is used to:

Ultrasound in Sports Related Injuries

After the first 48 to 72 hours of injury, the body immediately goes into a processs of repair. When individual fibres have been ruptured or torn, the body begins to build the damaged fibres together using a fibrous protein calleed collagen. Or, as it's more commonly known, scar tissue!

Scar tissue is an inflexible fibrous material formed after an injury or trauma. This fibrous material begins to bind itself to the damaged soft tissue fibres in an effort to draw the damaged fibres back together, however in time may completely surround the injured site leaving less flexibility through the inured muscles. The draw back if left untreated, scar tissue can be a major factor of re-injurying oneself, even if it is months after you thought that injury had fully healed.

Why Ultrasound?

It is a fast and effective way of not only speeding up the recovery rate on acute or chronic injuries but can be applied deep into the muscles where sometimes conventional treatment cannot reach.

After Care and Prevention

If you are prone to suffer from sports injuries or seeking prevention for the future, it is vital to follow a few simple stretches to get you started on a safe and effective stretching routine.