Sports Injuries Children


Our aim as a clinic is to help the young injured athletes return to there full functionality. We are proud in the fact that we strive to treat and maintain children's health, from children through to young adults in varying sporting activity. We promote professional / amateur sportsman from all types of sporting activities or simply children who keep fit for fun.

What types of conditions do Children seek massage for?

The aim of the treatment

Here at First Step Clinic our aim is not only to provide treatment, but to educate the children and teach the benefits of good stretching techniques to aid in the prevention of injuries as well as help keep the body in the peak of physical fitness through:

Some of the benefits children can expect

Reduction of stresses and strains, decrease muscle tension, pain, maintain mobility through a range of joints and muscles movement, help reduce build up of lactic acid , which may prevent further injuries, aids the nervous system and finally may help maintain the immune system. All of which is paramount for health and vitality.