Sports Injuries Adults

Many people who play sports may at some point suffer from some form of injury. This can affect any part of the body including, ligaments, muscles, tendon, bones, joints and nerves . 
There are many reason why we can incur an injuries, these may include overuse injuries such as  running, failing to warm up or down properly pre and post exercising, inappropriate equipment, poor technique or simply an impact from a sporting tackle.
If you have suffered an injury you may feel pain, tenderness, swelling,  bruising and stiffness to the surrounding area , however this may not always be noticeable until several hours after your initial exercise  or injury.
At First Step Clinic we are here to help and promote you as an individual to reach and maintain your full sporting potential. Over the years we have supported both professional and amateur sport persons through injury. Our treatment plan is tailored to suit the individual needs, from initial injury through to rehabilitation.

How can we help with Sports Injuries?

Our aim is to help injured athletes return to full functionality, regardless of their age, sport or ability. Injuries treated vary according to the sport or activity involved. Clients include professional and amateur sportsman and people who keep fit for fun.

What types of conditions do people seek massage for?

The aim of the treatment

The aim of the treatment is to help keep the body in its peak of physical fitness through:

Treatment methods include

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Some of the benefits people can expect

Reduction of stresses and strains, decrease muscle tension / pain, increase mobility through range of joints and muscles movement , help reduce build up of lactic acid , may prevent further injuries ,aids the nervous system and finally may help maintain the immune system.