Insoles/Orthotics (Specialist Insoles & Arch supports)

Most foot conditions can be effectively treated with a special insole called an orthotic. The orthotics should provide both support for the arch as well as support for the position of the heel. All First Step Clinic’s orthotic insoles are individually fitted to allow the foot to function more efficiently. Orthotics should give support within your current footwear and may help with stability throughout the rest of the body.

We at First Step Clinic believe the most effective orthotics are those which are custom made to fit your feet, at First Step Clinic we produce our own bespoke, made to measure arch supports, orthotics, paddings or insoles, within our workshops.

We understand the vast majority of people will have some form of foot fault, these may arise from flat feet, high arches or simply the way we walk and run, however most are unaware of this until their pain starts to appear. Although the problem often stems from the foot it is not unusual to have pain in other part of the body such as knees, hips and lower back. Therefore, as a clinic we offer a full comprehensive Gait Analysis and Biomechanical Assessment to determine the correct orthotic for your individual needs.

Arch supports, Insoles or Orthotics often help prevent and correct further problems regardless of the age group.

Our practitioners are qualified in the field of assessments of the foot and the way you walk and run (gait analysis and biomechanical assessments) each assessment involves the evaluation of the foot, ankle, knee, lower limb, hips, back and spine. Our aim is to identify the cause or problem then devise a treatment plan most suited for your needs.   

What we offer
First Step Clinic is proud to have its own onsite Gait lab (workshop) where we design and manufacture all of our insoles and foot pads. We will individually assess your feet and posture, then create a bespoke insole/arch support or orthotic to fit your shoes and help your posture. We aim to help free you from pain and discomfort and put you into the correct position.

The Benefits

By simply reducing stresses and strains through the foot via these inserts the benefits can help with conditions such as:

Please feel free to call or contact us, where we will be more than happy to offer advice.

We Provide for

Our understanding is, your feet are individual to you..

If you have a favorite pair of shoes that might need some form of adjustment, then why not ring today for your full Biomechanical assessment/gait analysis, and have a tailored orthotic/insole individually made for you.

Why not let us help you with your pain.