Rehabilitation & Exercise Programmes

By addressing the causes of any injuries or condition that may arise, our main aim is to try attain your peak level of fitness as soon as you are able to return to sport. This is done by means of attaining as much flexibility and strength as well as leaving your body in a symmetrical position as soon as possible.

How can we help?

As a clinic, our exercise and rehabilitation programmes can help treat a number of conditions, including:

What is the aim of the treatment?

It is our intention to get the best possible treatment by means of simply going beyond treating your condition. Our Osteopaths and Sports Therapists work to address the causes of any injuries that you may have, treat you and get you back to sport or exercise as soon as possible, therefore allowing the body to become fitter, stronger, more flexible and symmetrical as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Treatment is not solely for elite sports people, our principles reach out to the whole active community from the sedentary athlete to the competitive through to professional level.

As a general rule, if you have an ache or pain then something is going wrong. Avoid living with an ache until it becomes an everyday occurrence, address your issues as they arise or even better prevent them occurring in the first place.