Deep Tissue Massage & Myofascial Release

A gentle blend of stretching and massage to help release Myofascial tissue and trigger points that have been allowed to become tight or constricted causing irritation and pain to the surrounding musculature and tendons. Through release of tension, once the body has responded, the body may maintain increased functional flexibility, mobility of the muscles, fascia and the associated structures.

The aim of the treatment

The aim of the treatment is to help and encourage people to keep the body in the peak of physical fitness through:

Some of the benefits people can expect from Deep Tissue Massage

Reduction of stresses and strains through the myofascial tissue, decrease muscle tension and pain, aid and increase mobility through the joints and muscles, encourage a range of motions and flexibility through the joints. Help reduce build up of lactic acid, aids the nervous system, help prevent further injuries and finally may help maintain good flexibilty through muscle tissue.