Remedial Massage

A combination of massage and manipulation through the superficial layers of muscle fibres. The purpose of the Remedial Massage treatment is to enhance muscle function, connective tissue movement and to stimulate muscle activity by either hand, elbows forearms or knees to gain the most effective treatment plan.

The aim of the treatment

The aim of the treatment is to help and encourage people to keep the body in the peak of physical fitness by means of removing restrictions from within the soft tissue structure. Conditions which can be helped include:

Some of the benefits people can expect from Remedial Massage

Decrease muscle tension / pain, aid and increase mobility through the joints and muscles, encourage range of motion and flexibility through the joints. Reduction of stresses and strains through the myofascial tissue, help reduce build up of lactic acid, help prevent further injuries, aid the nervous system and finally may help maintain overall flexibilty.