A neuroma is thickening of the tissue surrounding a nerve that travels between the base of the toes. It is caused by repeated mild injury to the space between the toes, which often occurs when footwear does not fit properly or in people that run frequently. The thickened tissue then causes pain in this area, especially felt when walking.


A neuroma is first diagnosed based on the history of the type of pain someone is having. There are also ways to examine the foot that can diagnose this condition. In some cases an MRI is done to obtain pictures of the tissue in the foot.


Wearing shoes that provide the feet with plenty of room around the toe area or providing a padding or support in the form of a small insole to help eliviate the presure between these toes. Here at First Step Clinic, we find this is a common complaint and as such we can provide bespoke handmade padding to off load the pain, these have been found to be very popular with those who have experienced this painful condition.

Without Treatment

The pain caused by a neuroma can progress and become very severe.