Back Pain

Acute or chronic forms of discomfort are often present, pain in the acute stage presents quickly then goes away, where as chronic can be just as unpleasant but last longer than 12 weeks or more.
Localised pain that can be low grade, dull or creeping through to sudden, sharp and stabbing.
Constant or initiated in a pain during certain movements such as sitting, standing, bending forward / backwards, standing for long periods or simple movements such as turning in bed.

As a clinic we understand that Research has shown problems related to the back area may affect 60% of the UK's population at some stage in their lives. Back pain can be caused by:

Osteopathic Treatment

Having Osteopathic treatment can be an effective way of dealing with some of these problems. Osteopathy can benefit the elderly, children, manual workers, office professionals or those recovering from surgery, or sports injuries. At First Step Clinic out aim is to restore your body to a state of balance through touch, manipulation, stretching and massage. All these techniques can help increase mobility of joints, help reduce pain, relieve muscle tension, enhance the blood and nerve supply, encourage tissue repair to muscles.


Advice can be given on posture and exercise to help aid the patients recovery, this can be given as part of the treatment plan.